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Portland, Oregon artist Thom Caccamo is a builder in clay. His vessels are all hand built slabs, columns, posts and lintels that take their inspiration from architecture. Piece by piece he constructs geometric forms that are functional and sculptural.  If they were at architectural scale they would be monuments but even at the personal size of vessels they remind us of buildings without looking like houses and skyscrapers. Glaze is used sparingly, if at all, to keep the viewer focused on the forms. Instead of glaze the variations of color come from the natural color of the clay and the environment in which it is fired.

In the white bas-relief series, he also builds but they are seen only from one view. His procedures are similar to collage artists who cut shapes out of paper then reassemble the pieces onto a background except he uses slabs of rolled-out clay instead of paper. It is their combinations that bring the basic simple shapes to life. The starkness of the unglazed white clay lets you see the figures without distractions. The super smooth surface of the clay also emphasizes the forms. Ultra smoothness is achieved by sanding and sanding and more sanding both before and after the clay is fired. Too bad you can't touch the silkiness of the clay through your screens because their feel is part of the experience. Assembly of the ceramic components for the bas-relief is post firing for technical and aesthetic reasons.

Thom Caccamo's sculpture at
Art On Broadway
12570 SW Broadway Beaverton, Oregon

2012 Portland Open Studios: Annual tour of studios in October, ticket info here
Albina Community Bank, one person exhibit, Portland Oregon
Portland Open Studios Artists at Museum of Contemporary Craft 

2011 Portland Open Studios

Included is in the Lark book, "500 Vases" more info here

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